We manage processes and projects


We analyse,
evaluate, and implement changes


We provide a comprehensive service
for a wide scope of organizations


We provide demanding, non-traditional,
and difficult-to-access services and supplies


We improve performance,
quality and effectiveness of organisations

How we work

How we work

We are a general provider of solutions. We secure hard, unconventional and difficult to provide accessible services and supplies. We realize projects of various scales and specializations, without regional and branch limits.

In order to arrange this kind of demanding projects we compile consortiums of proven suppliers and sub-suppliers whose jobs we supervise and evaluate. We have built up a business pool of verified organizations and experts.

We take over the job and also responsibility for a result instead of our client. We are holders of the ISO 9001 certification so we are able to guarantee quality. We are endowed with the insurance responsibility for damage over 50 000 000 Kč. There is an ombudsman for our clients available.

In case there is a need, the organization will search for a solution, and if they have no suppliers, time or people, they will contact us. We provide an essential analysis, implement changes and evaluate their effects. We are an authority for our suppliers, have a strong negotiating position and are able to obtain the best conditions for our clients because of our long-time experiences.

The result of our work is always an improvement and strengthening of performance, quality and effectivity of the organization.

Please, contact us at: info@everesta.cz

Numbers speak for us

Numbers speak for us

  • We are 5 Czech owners having 29 years of experience in business
  • We have been in the consultancy and service market since 1997
  • We cooperate with over 600 experts, consultants, analysts, and project managers
  • We collaborate with over 1200 suppliers
  • We worked for over 800 clients
  • We have conducted projects in price over 1 billion Kč in the past 3 years
  • We operate in 15 countries all over Europe

Please, contact us at: info@everesta.cz

Assure yourself

Assure yourself

Are you an owner or a top manager and consider a big and cardinal project? Would you like to discuss your query or request at the highest level? Please, contact me and assure yourself we are the right ones to cooperate with.

Mgr. et Mgr. Ladislav Buček
+420 777 038 343

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Career with Everesta

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Nabízíme zpracování studií, analýz, odborné podpory a vedení IT projektů


Jan Látal


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vzorovy obrazok

Decrease your time wasting of your management and employees involved into projects by an effective use of modern methods of project management.

Methods of project management increase the time effectiveness and unifies all procedures inside a company. Nowadays, there are plenty of project management methods and therefore it is always important to choose the most appropriate variant in case of both – implementation and also effectiveness increasing of used procedures.

The External Consultant recommends an appropriate method and instruments with regard to an actual condition inside a company and the strategy of further development. It is always up to the relevant management in a company which methods and instruments are going to be used further. Therefore we also offer an analysis of the project management environment including a proposal of solutions.

Our consultants provide: